Making ubuntu linux faster

Ubuntu Linux is the most popular Linux distribution now. Because it has a frequently update packages of their software regularly, and also it has full support to their user through user forum. If you want to get another full support professionally, you can buy premium support.

Ubuntu Linux brings the popular Gnome Desktop Environment. The most application we need was bundled in it, such as for writing, presentation, making database and making spreadsheet.

But... do you know that Gnome Desktop use the large amount of our computer memory?

Alternatively, I usually use Icewm window manager to make my Ubuntu Linux faster and reduce using of my RAM.

Most of people near me often use Microsoft Windows Operating System, so I prefer to use LXP-icewm on my Ubuntu Linux. With LXP-ICEWM, Ubuntu Linux looks like Microsoft Windows XP. Click here if you want to download LXP-ICEWM. But, with LXP-ICEWM your desktop icon that often you see in Gnome Desktop will be lost, because LXP-ICEWM didn't include desktop application icon. You have to download rox-filer. Rox-filer can be used as file manager or desktop application icon.

Type in terminal program:
sudo apt-get install rox-filer
give your password to start downloading from apt-get.

To enable rox-filer as desktop application icon, type in terminal:
rox --pinboard=PIN
use pinboard PIN as the pinboard. Use can replace PIN with your username in Ubuntu Linux. For example: If you use "john" as username to login to Ubuntu Linux you can type rox --pinboard=john.

Good Luck,

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